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Hi there, I’m Stasja Petrova

I’m here to help you create an email strategy that will bring you leads and clients in your sleep. 
‘Cause let’s face it… You didn’t start your business to be a slave to it. 

You deserve a strategy that’s going to bring you leads and sales on autopilot. 

Email strategy that works

Still stuck on planning your email campaign?

I’ve got your back! Get a customized strategy and my personal help to create your next super-selling email campaign.

Do as Elvah from Momfidence and start selling your online products within a week!

Do as Zoe from Intuitive Balance Babes and get your group program sold out in only 10 days!

Do as Laila and get 4-5 meetings booked for 1:1 coaching.
Every. Single. Week!


Done for you

Don’t have time to turn your list into money in the bank? Still feeling guilty about not having emailed your list in months? Still haven’t got past the first welcoming email to your audience?

Let my team of the brightest copywriters and funnel-engineers take care of all that!

All you need to do is spend 1 hour with us and we’ll do the rest of the work for you.

Book a meeting and let’s see how my team can help you increase your sales and grow your business.

Get 51 email ideas including 51 high-converting subject lines!  

Plug&Play email ideas for any business

A year worth of content

Keep your subscribers engaged and ready to buy

Ideal for coaches and experts

reach your business goals

Use email to reach your company’s goals year after year. Turn the chilled audience to steamy hot leads. Turn clients into delighted ambassadors. Turn former clients into new buyers.

Yup, there’s nothing a well-done automation can’t do.

Grow and nourish your your list

Emails are not dependent on an algorithm or a specific platform that may disappear from one day to another. In fact, with email you can structure your content delivery in a way that fits each person individually. A unique feature that very few platforms offer.

spend more time with the ones you love

This is probably the most underestimated bonus of email marketing. It gives you the ability to automate the heck out of your business! Which means you can spend more time with your loved ones while your automation is doing all the work. 

sell your products and services

Email marketing is by far the most effective way to reach your sales goals. Studies show that email has an ROI of 40, which is the double of social media. This means that for every dollar you invest in email marketing, you get 40 back!

Is email marketing dead?

In the UK, each pound spent on email marketing has an ROI of 38 pounds; in the US, it’s $44 (compared to ROI of £21 for social media).

Consumers still prefer to get information by email. In fact, there is expected to be 5.6 billion email users by 2019! 

While people are going on social media detoxes, and algorithms keep tightening your organic reach, email remains the most effective way to reach, engage with and sell to your audience. 


Create welcome email sequences that sell

Welcome emails are incredibly effective: on average they generate 320% more revenue than other promotional emails.

Here’s why:

When people sign up for your list, they do it because they have a specific problem or need that your product can solve. Use a welcoming sequence to nourish your connection, establish yourself as an expert and of course, sell your products.

The future of marketing

Contradictory to rumors, email marketing is far from dead. Both B2B and B2C companies report that email is still one of their most effective marketing channels, delivering the highest ROI. 

      Also, 73% of millennials identify email as their preferred means of business communication. So it’s safe to say that email marketing is very much alive and kicking.


One of the most influential channels

Email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences, behind only colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders.

Use automated email campaigns to turn cold leads into clients. 

most effective channel for b2b Sales

59% of B2B marketers say email is their most preferred channel in terms of revenue generation.  Business professionals check their email at least once a day.


And the best thing is that your email will land right next to emails from their colleagues, partners and managers. This means your audience is in a completely other state of mind than when they are on social media. 

Get more out of social media

Email subscribers are 3.9 times more likely to share your content on social media than people who came through another channel!

And while organic reach for social media is dropping radically, you can use email marketing to boost your reach by, for example, promoting your posts through email.

About Me

I help businesses get clients in their sleep through email marketing. 

I’ve helped my clients sell out their programs and generate over $4,000 in only 10 days.

Best part? They are using the same sequence over and over again,  effortlessly growing their business.

6 years working in marketing has taught me that every business needs an email marketing strategy.


Because email is the most effective way to sell your products.

What my clients say about me

In one session with Stasja, I received over 20 clearly defined modifications for my email sequence to improve engagement. In less than a week, her guidance over doubled my open rate, and new subscribers began responding to my emails… for years I would include a call to action for a response, and to no avail, CRICKETS! This woman is top of her game. I actually enjoy crafting emails these days!!”
Alana Lackey Fornet

Intentional Health for Women

“My course was sold out in just a week and a half. My initial goal was two months!

Were it not for Stasja, I would never have launched a course so quickly, and the seats would definitely not have sold out so rapidly. If even.

Furthermore, Stasja is an enormously kind and sweet person. Had I not paid her for her work, it would almost have felt like I were getting help from a very good friend – because it just feels so enjoyable and safe working with Stasja. I hereby give her my warmest recommendations!”

Zoey Noémie

Intuitive Balance Babes

Stasja and I had a feedback session, in which she reviewed my entire automation process.
Stasja was extremely thorough and I gained so much more than I expected from the experience.
Besides providing well-done headlines, layout and content, Stasja also gave me ideas to expand
with three more email sequences.
I also ended up selling my course via the email series, which in turn has delivered ROI several
times over


popular digital products

Winning Welcome Sequence

Connect with your subscribers and create sales on autopilot. And start getting sales through email marketing.

Tomorrow, you can have a super-selling welcome sequence all set up, creating leads and sales on autopilot. 

9 email plug&play email templates that are going to help you connect with your subscribers AND get you sales!

4 Email Sales Templates

Ever get stuck on what to write in your emails to sell your offers?

I got you covered!

I’ve created these easy-to-fill email templates to help you write powerful sales emails in minutes.

Stop guessing and hoping for sales to come through email.
Let me help you make it a sure thing.